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BonBon is GoodGood (and SmallSmall)

Last Monday, I met up with some friends for weekly trivia at Bonbon, inside of the Garland Theater. This was a fun game, the questions were great, and we had a good time.
Bonbon is a small bar/cafe. Really small. I would get there early to get a table.
We had some food, and it was good. My partner had the stuffed mushrooms, and declared them "exellent!". The service was frequent and excellent. Of course, in a place that small, it's difficult to overlook things.

Spokane Team Trivia Chamionships

On October 2nd, 2014, the Spokane Library Foundation hosted the very first Spokane Team Trivia Championships. It was held at theBing Crosby Theater and included 21 teams vying for the championship.

Now for the disclaimers: #1) I am a big book guy, so libraries: "Yeah!" and #2) I was on one of the competing teams.
There was a lot to like about this competition:

Eagle's Lodge - Diamond in the rough...

OK, when my friend Dave asked me to join him at the Eagles Lodge for trivia, I was skeptical. When I was last in the Eagles, it was a run-down building featuring competive alcoholism and serving cigerette smoke as an appetizer. I was expecting the same, and I was gladly mistaken.

End of the Tailgater saga...

Well, after many posts, the expected demise of The Tailgater has seemingly happened.
The bar near the Spokane Area has had a rocky history as of late, including the firing of the entire staff via text message.
Now, two of the three owners have been accused of serious crimes, with one owner being convicted. For more info, click here:
[url=http://kxly.m0bl.net/w/news/story/102418352/]KXLY News Story[/url]

Whiskey Dick's Live Game Review

Whiskey Dick's is a neighborhood pub at the corner of Market & Liberty in N.E. Spokane. They have started hosting a Tuesday evening game.
I ordered a soda and an appetizer. The food came quickly, but was very typical fryer food. No attempt to fancy it up. The service was, well, somewhere between poor and wierd. My soda went unfilled for almost an hour, and the waiter was something out of a circus sideshow. Wierd.

Tailgater resumes trivia...

After a temultous time, the Tailgater has resumed a Wednesday evening game starting at 8:00pm. I have seen many incarnations of trivia at this location, so this resumption was to be expected.
In the past, the Tailgater (ne: Season Ticket) was a sports bar in a shady part of town. The food was average and the waitstaff was typically short staffed. The saving grace was the people who worked there...they we fun and nice and kept us coming back.

Ripples on the River - Red Lion River Inn - fun time!

Ripples on the River, the restuarant and bar within the Red Lion River Inn has started hosting a Monday evening live game. It is currently getting underway at 7:30pm, the the game start time seems to be in flux.
Sean, the trivia master, does a real good job. It is four rounds, with escalating point values each round. He does not give enough time for cheating between questions, which is great. Sean also usually has a hand-out round.
The specials for each round are great. Happy Hour is in effect for the duration, which provides reasonable eats.

Problems at Flamin' Joe's...

In a remarkably bad month for live trivia game locations, Flamin' Joe's has been bitten.  

Sally Guthrie, majority owner, was arrested in a multi-state operation earlier this week.  The local media outlets have been quick to report Sally's association with Flamin' Joe's, but the business continues to operate as normal.  While most local news stations have been printing rumors and innuendo, I will wait until more actual information is known.  

I personally know Sally, and find these accusations hard to comprehend.   I hope that there is no substance to these rumors.  I would encourage all to delay forming an opinion and to dismiss the local media rumor-mill...their job is to stir controversy.

As for me, I will continue to patronize Flamin' Joe's and will be "up North" on Wednesday evening to play live trivia.  

Until I hear word to the contrary, I will keep Flamin' Joe's on the Live Trivia calendar.  My thoughts go out to Kessler, Ralston and Holden...let's hope they are successful in helping Flamin' Joe's weather this storm.

Get your trivia fix, at The Shop!

I have been wondering for years when someone was going to realize the potential for a Sunday evening live trivia game.  The Shop, a small cafe in the rennovated and newly hip South Perry district, has now filled that void.

The Shop is quaint (OK, it's small).  Located in a repurposed 1950's style service station (hence the name), the venue is funky and fun.  There is espresso, light food and wine available...even locally made ice cream.

The trivia game is small and very informal.  When we played, there were four teams.  The venue couldn't hold many more than that.  It was typical team trivia, with 5 rounds of 5 questions.  The host for our game was a guest host, and he and his gal-pal did a great job.  Good questions that were well researched.  The questions were in categories with each category being a single question each round.  I saw no evidence of cheating, and to do so in a venue this small would be quicky found out.  

There were specials each round, and some were food specials (a nice change of pace).  I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich (suprisingly good) and a coffee.  The wait staff (1 person) at The Shop was friendly and attentive.  

The game was fun, and provides a badly needed live game on Sundays.  I hope the game continues during the summer months...I would love to hang-out when the garage doors are open, soak up some late-day rays, take a tug on my mocha and exercise my brain with some trivia.  Good job, Shop, keep up the good work!